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Sustainable and socially involved

  1. Sustainable and socially involved

Sustainable and socially involved

Tropical rainforests, botanical gardens and a unique underwater world. The inhabitants of St. Eustatius do everything they can to preserve and protect the island's nature and ecosystem. Sustainability is an important issue, especially in tourism. Also at Oasis Golden Rock, sustainability and social involvement are of high importance.


Self-sufficient resort

Oasis Golden Rock is self-sufficient in many things. For example, the resort has its own solar panels and electricity generation, its own drinking water supply, its own waste disposal (with the exception of plastic) and we only use sustainable products for cleaning, for example.

Oasis training institute

The resort has started a training institute in Oranjestad with about 25 training places. In this way Oasis Golden Rock increases its social involvement on St. Eustatius.

Oasis bus service on the island

Oasis Golden Rock deploys an hourly bus service from July 4, 2021. You will travel easily to the capital of the island, Oranjestad, and to all sights on the island. Also all residents of St. Eustatius can use this bus service. This is an asset for the whole island.

Hiking trails

From Oasis Golden Rock several hiking trails start. Through these, mostly well-maintained, hiking trails around volcano 'De Quill' you will discover the rich flora and fauna of the island. When you descend into the crater of this dormant volcano you will be surprised by a lush tropical rainforest.

Collaboration diving schools

St. Eustatius is a popular diving destination with beautiful corals, special fish and turtles. The underwater world around the island is part of the 'St. Eustatius National Marine Park' and is well protected. Oasis Golden Rock works closely with both diving schools present on the island: Scubaqua and Golden Rock Dive Center.

Botanical gardens

The many gardens at the resort are set up as botanical gardens with tropical plant species from all tropical regions, worldwide. The plants get water from the cleaned waste water of the resort. This way no water is lost.