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Solar power panels on the roof at Golden Rock Resort

As part of our vision to be the Caribbean’s leading, sustainable, lifestyle resort, we have embarked on a journey to redefine luxury hospitality in the region. Our commitment goes beyond providing exceptional service and amenities; it encompasses a deep respect for the environment, the local community, and our guests' well-being. Our sustainability journey involves various initiatives aimed at minimizing our environmental footprint while maximizing our positive impact.


Since the resort opened in September 2021, over 130,000 plants, flowers and trees have been planted creating breath-taking gardens for guests to explore, as well as a new habitat for local wildlife.


In the 20,000 ft² greenhouse, located close to Bobbie's Beach Club, we grow organic herbs and vegetables. Thanks to our climate and natural sunlight, we are able to grow all year round using no pesticides, and serve our produce in both of our restaurants - Breeze and Bobbie’s Beach Club. As a result, we are more self-sufficient and are less dependent on imports from Europe or the USA. Guests can also explore the greenhouse and pick your own produce to make a cup of tea!


The 2,240 solar panels produce 0.8 megawatts of electricity a day allowing the resort to be almost fully off the grid, and the batteries allow us to store excess electricity which can be used overnight.


Drinking water straight from the tap! Through reverse osmosis machines, salt water from the ocean is pumped through a series of membrane contained pipes, filtering out salt and small particles resulting in pure, clean drinking water. 240,000 litres of water can be stored at any given time in concrete bunkers underground providing guests with the cleanest drinking water straight from the tap. Thereafter, the resorts wastewater is treated through helophyte filters and used to irrigate the plants and grass around the resort.