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Gear and Equipment

At Statia Divers, we believe in using top of the line gear and equipment.  Our rental SCUBA gear - BCD, first stage and second stage, fins, and masks are all ScubaPro brand.  Our rental dive computers are Suunto Zoops.  Our tanks are compatible with DIN or Yoke divers, and our regulators can be adapted to whichever method suits you.  Our SPGs display both BAR and PSI.  Our state-of-the-art air and nitrox compressors are on-site and we offer complimentary Nitrox to all certified EANx divers.  We have 63 cu ft, 80 cu ft, and 100 cu ft cylinders for both air and Nitrox divers.  We offer a range of wetsuits to accommodate many divers, including unisex shortie ScubaPro wetsuits, and mens and womens long ScubaPro wetsuits.  Compasses, dive lights, and SMBs are included with our rental gear.


Within our dive center, we have a dedicated camera room for divers passionate about underwater photography and videography.  With ample work space and power plugs, you can prepare your equipment in a safe setting.  


Our on-site equipment repair room is expertly outfitted and we routinely service all of our gear.  Tanks are routinely serviced both onsite and offsite for hydrostatic testing.  If you find that any of your personal gear needs a bit of TLC, we will do our best to assure it is serviced and ready for your next dive.


Our dive boats have been thoughtfully outfitted to cater specifically to divers and are moored in the Sint Eustatius harbor, a short 15 minute drive from the resort.  We have two dedicated dive boats:  Patricia, which can accommodate up to 16 divers, and Stormy, which can accommodate up to 22 divers.  


We offer complimentary shuttle services to and from the harbor from the resort and will safely transfer your personal dive equipment or rental equipment from the dive center to the boats and back.  All SCUBA gear is rinsed daily with fresh water and safely stored until the next day’s use.


For any dive related emergencies, we have access to a decompression chamber on island and emergency helicopter services to Sint Maarten.