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Island Adventures

Guided Historical Walk

The historical walking tour through St. Eustatius’ capital, Oranjestad, offers a captivating journey through the island's rich past allowing visitors to explore its historical treasures. This guided tour provides an immersive experience, highlighting key landmarks, buildings, and stories that shaped the island's history. Travelers can discover the unique cultural and architectural heritage of St. Eustatius as they walk through time. It's a must-do activity for history enthusiasts and those seeking to delve into the island's fascinating past.

3 hours - subject to availability.

$15 per person, payment direct to guide on the day.


Hiking the Quill / Boven National Parks

Experience the breath taking beauty of St. Eustatius during a guided hike up the island's dormant volcano, the Quill, where you can explore unique flora and fauna within the crater, or enjoy panoramic views from the summit. Boven National Park, although only 2 miles away, is very different. Cacti and Acacia bushes cover rocky outcrops and open grassland, and several trails snake through valleys and along ridges bringing you to secluded bays and viewpoints. Starting from 2.5 hours - subject to availability.

Starting from $25 per person, payment direct to guide on the day.

Price includes Nature Tag from STENAPA.

Price doesn't include transport to the start point.


Island Tour

Explore St. Eustatius by vehicle and discover the island's rich history as a trading hub in the sixteen and seventeen hundreds, and its role in early American independence, making the island a fascinating destination for history enthusiasts and tourists interested in the Caribbean's colonial past. During your tour you will explore the island from White Wall, located behind the resort at the foot of the Quill, through Oranjestad, all the way to Boven National Park and Zeelandia Beach where you might be lucky enough to find nestling turtles depending on the time of year.

From 1.5 hours - $35, subject to availability.

Min no. of guests = 2



Stargazing in St. Eustatius offers a captivating celestial experience under the serene Caribbean night sky. Participants can observe a dazzling array of stars, planets, and constellations, as the island's low light pollution enhances visibility. Guided by expert astronomer Jaap Vreeling, it's an enchanting opportunity to connect with the universe's wonders in a tranquil, unspoiled setting.

2 hours - subject to availability.

Price per person dependent on group size.


Bee Experience

The "Bee Experience" offers guests an immersive and educational adventure into the world of bees. You will have the opportunity to learn about beekeeping practices, observe hives up close, and gain insights into the essential role of bees in pollination. This hands-on activity, led by Celbees, provides a unique and engaging way to appreciate the vital importance these fascinating insects have within our ecosystem.

1.5 hours - subject to availability.

Price per person upon request.


Sunset Boat Cruise

Take in the changing colours of the Caribbean sky as you watch the sunset on the horizon onboard our sunset cruise. You can also take to the water and snorkel with our underwater friends, turtle watch, have a few drinks and relax in good company.

2.5 hours - $500 for up to six guests.

Supplement - $50 per person thereafter.


Deep Sea Fishing

Embark on an unforgettable deep-sea fishing adventure in the crystal-clear Caribbean waters. All equipment provided, as well as snacks and soft drinks on board.

Half day - $1,300 up to 4 people. Full day - $1,800 up to 4 people.