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Resort Facilities

Treadmills & Exercise machines in Gymnasium, Golden Rock Resort

Multipurpose Sports Filed

Basketball, Football & Tennis Enjoy an exciting game of basketball or football as well as a match of tennis on our multipurpose sports field with friends and loved ones. Showcase your skills and have fun while basking in the beautiful resort surroundings and the view of the Quill.


Pickleball and Padel Courts 

Down by the lagoon, Golden Rock Resort features pickleball and padel courts. Whilst padel vs pickleball have many similarities, they are completely different games, with unique characteristics, courts, equipment, rules, and techniques. It is these unique features that attract a diverse range of players, making padel and pickleball the fastest-growing sports globally. Try it out! 


Ocean Front Gym

Located next to the outdoor yoga platform, you will find a fully equipped gym with treadmills, bikes, cross trainers and a range of free standing weights and weight machines. Toilets, showers and lockers are located within the building and accessible 24/7.

Mini Golf

Enjoy a fun and leisurely game of mini golf, perfect for individuals and families. Challenge your family and friends, or compete for the best score as you navigate through the 17 hole course surrounded by breath taking views over to St. Barths.



A large outdoor playground where you can spend hours of fun!


Board Games

Whether it's classic games like chess or modern favorites such as Monopoly, our selection of boardgames caters to all ages and preferences. Create memorable moments with laughter, competition, and camaraderie during your stay.